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Space World Group is a group of innovative, technology driven companies focused on customer experience. We have started from a manufacturing unit and grown ourselves to an integrated player in Optical Fibre, Chemical Manufacturing, RF Components Manufacturing and Metal Fabrication Businesses. We also continuously evaluate opportunities in sun rise sectors that align with our overall business model.

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Space World Group About Us

~ 200 Mn

  Asset Under Management


Businesses in the Portfolio




Owned Production Facility

Our Businesses


Neutral Optic Fibre Network

A Futuristic Fibre infrastructure solution provider, building a world class Neutral Network Infrastructure (NNI) for Residences, Retail and Commercial Complexes (FTTx).

Space Telelink

Metal Fabrication

STL is the market leader in high precision metal fabrication. Over the years, the company has been a leader in providing complete engineering solutions for its business operations.


Chemical Manufacturing

A leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of highest quality PU system, Polyols, Prepolymers and Additives with the vision to “Innovate and create specific solutions for specific need”.

Our Journey

Established STL

Ankit Goel (Founder) has established Space Telelink Ltd (STL) with 2 acres Manufacturing Facility.

Radhey Raman Sharma ( Co-founder)

Radhey Raman Sharma joins Ankit Goel as Co-founder.

Wins First Major Project

Space World Group wins its first major project. 

Space World Group Myanmar Ltd

Space World Group established Space World Myanmar Ltd with its In-Building Business solutions.

Established Space Teleinfra Pvt Ltd

Space World Group Set up Space Teleinfra Private Limited (STIPL) as a separate unit for In-Building Solutions in India

STL Plant Expansion

Space World expanded STL Plant to Rohad with Automated Machinery.

Signed Major Projects

STIPL signed two Major project of Chennai Metro and Multiple Airports. 

Becomes fastest growing IP-1 player

STIPL becomes the largest growing IP-1 player in the country and won the Delhi Metro project. 

Incorporated Rymbal

Space World started its new venture into chemical manufacturing business HPP under the brand name 'Rymbal'.

Completed 350 Projects

The expansion spree continues to complete 350 projects and expands teams rapidly amidst increasing data demand (COVID 19).

Incorporated RANext

Achieves 60% market share in IP1 market (In Building Solutions) and Incorporated RANext for FTTx Business.

Signed Deal with Brookfield

Space World signed deal with Brookfield for 100% acquisition of STIPL at consideration for >900, meanwhile HPP continued to grow and becomes fastest growing small cell player.

Starts Investment in Future Technology

Space World starts investment in Emerging Technology.

Industry Segments

Our Key Strength

Brand Equity

We command strong recall among leading business player and hold leadership position in a various products and businesses.

Diversified Business Model

Our Presence in multiple business sectors provides a hedge against adverse developments in a particular industry.


We emphasize strategic planning and risk management rather than a responsive way to deal with circumstances and business goals.


We believe in building a successful team that works towards accomplishing a common business goal.

Our Founders

Ankit Goel (Founder & Chairman)

Mr. Ankit Goel, founder and Managing Director of Space World Group, is a visionary entrepreneur, who has enabled better network connectivity to millions of Indians. Mr. Goel’s vision of providing ubiquitous connectivity to people started with him setting up his first venture in 2007, right after his graduation.

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Radhey Raman Sharma (Co-Founder & Director)

Mr. Radhey Raman Sharma, a first-generation entrepreneur, is co-founder and director of Space World Group. Mr. Sharma is known for his exceptional project management capabilities – turning challenges into opportunities. He has designed and set up first-of-its kind path breaking projects in the field of telecommunications.

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